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you will take on the role of a newly-hired HR Manager for a private-sector organization that provides IT consulting services to other private-sector employers in the U.S. and Canada. Your organization currently has 90 full-time and 110 half-time consultants. There are 8 Supervisors over the consultants. Each Supervisor has between 18-28 consultants reporting to themâ?"some full-time, some half-time. About 75% of the consultants are onsite, the rest of the consultants are remote, working from their homes. Your onsite HR department consists of your position plus 4 other professionals and one clerical/support staff. The top management staff consists of the Finance Manager, Products/Services Manager, and HR Managerâ?"each reporting to the CEO.

When you were introduced to the employees in the HR department during your interview for your current position, frankly, you were not impressed. None of the employees has any formal HRM education and very few have even attended HRM seminars. They truly see their jobs as administrative in nature. They are good people trackers and counters.

You see one of your first tasks as revamping your own HR department. You want to design a department as it needs to be, not considering the knowledge/skills/abilities that are there to work with. [You will reconcile the differences at a later time.] It seems as if the number of people is fine (unless you uncover a definite need to change it).

In this assignment please create the specific job titles you would like to see in your HRM department. Describe why you selected those titles and what tasks to assign to each. Also discuss how you arrived at those conclusions. Did your knowledge of job study and its processes impact your final plan?

You will probably need to make assumptions. Please make reasonable assumptions that are cost effective. It is not an option, however, for you to hire additional help (temporary or otherwise).

Reference no: EM1331676

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