Changing role of the human resource department

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Prepare a discussion paper (ESSAY) on the changing role of the Human Resource Department.

The ESSAY includes the following:




   3.1 A review of Collins (C3 Beardwell 2010)

   3.2 The role of the Human Resource Department:

          A: In the International Organization

          B: In the Flexible High Performance organisation

   3.3: Consider the role of the HR Department: Facilitator or Organiser

   3.4 Consider the expectation: HR as an Outsourced facility


(Upon successful completion of the module the students will be able to:

A full descriptor of learning outcomes can be found on the portal, Module Outline.

Specifically this activity is to allow the student to demonstrate the following:

• Develop a workforce management, people management, human resource management, intellectual capital management plan and design a valid recruitment and selection system for appropriate cultural contexts and labour market scenarios.

• Critically analyse and evaluate the Key functions of Human Resource Management, workforce management, people management and intellectual capital management

• Critically analyse and evaluate the systems and tools which are used in the various interpretations of management of the labour force and the conventions which may be used in these various contexts e.g. those used in the UK Human Resource management, or n the workforce management in other cultures.


Reference no: EM131015

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