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"The significance and value of Hofstede's work cannot be overstated......the criticisms levelled against him are dwarfed by the strengths of [his] work in comparing cultures and applying cultural examination to practical management problems......The four dimensions tap into deep cultural values and allow significant comparisons to be made across national cultures. To ignore his findings would be inexcusable."
(Tayeb, M., (2003) International Management: Theories and Practices. Harlow: Prentice Hall.)

Critically analyse Hofstede's work, identifying the strengths and weaknesses as you see them. Then apply your findings to areas of human resource management practices in a country with which you are familiar (perhaps your own country), demonstrating the extent to which Hofstede's findings apply. Suggest ways in which Hofstede's findings might be further developed.

Reference no: EM134975

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Analyse hofstedes work identifying the strengths : Critically analyse Hofstede's work, identifying the strengths and weaknesses as you see them. Then apply your findings to areas of human resource management practices in a country
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