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(a) Discuss the major factors in recent times that have strengthened the argument that ‘people are assets not costs'. Use examples to illustrate your answer

(b) What are the major distinctions between personnel management and human resource management?

(c) Using the concepts of the 4C's of Human Resource Management, discuss the benefits that can accrue to organisations?


(a) Discuss the soft and hard approaches of HRM. Give the main reasons as to why organizations should move towards adopting soft HRM approaches

(b) Elucidate the elements that must be considered while designing a pay structure?


(a) Give an in-depth explanation of the steps involved in the Human Resource Planning Process

(b) Give two major reasons explaining the importance of Human Resource Planning in organisations


Give a stage wise overview of the entire process of recruitment and selection in organisations


(a) What is 360 degree feedback?

(b) Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of 360 degree feedback to organisations

Reference no: EM132142


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