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Consider that an all-party government has been formed in Ireland to set the country on the road to recovery subsequent our recent reversal of fortune. In order to prevent inter-party rivalry and in an effort to recruit the best person for the job, it was decided that the post of Taoiseach could be advertised in an open competition. Not surprisingly, thousands of candidates have submitted applications for this post and you have been hired as a consultant to help to streamline the hiring process. In groups your task will be to compile a strategy to recruit the ‘best' possible candidate.

Prepare a work/job profile which identifies the key tasks for the job. You are also required to prepare a recruitment strategy, this should include identifying a battery of psychometric tests that will be used to screen all applicants and identifying any further recruitment processes you may use (i.e. interviews etc.) The presentation could include an evaluation of the benefits of your proposed strategy.

You consider the subsequent topics in you strategy:

1. Personality
2. Intelligence
3. Social/Emotional competencies
4. Attitudes/beliefs

Reference no: EM13578

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