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1. What are the different applications of Data Structure?

2. What are the basic limitations of Linear Array?

3. Difference between

a) Field , Record and File

b) Merging and Contatenation

c) Linear Search and Binary Search

d) Linear and Non Linear Array

e) Record and Array

f) Program and Algorithm

4. Define Asymptotic Notation.

5. Different types of data Structure.

6. How to represent the 3d array in Memory?

7. Define

a) Triangular Array

b) Jagged Array

c) Pointer Array

8. Write the Algorithm to merge two Arrays.

9. consider Array X(1:3,4:18,6:20) is provided with Base Address 200 and 2 word per memory . Find

a) the length of Array X

b) Effective Indices

c) Location / Address of X(2,9,15) with Row Major and Coloum Major Order.

Reference no: EM131279


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