Identifying and explaining operation of todd restaurants

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Learning Objectives

In the process of this assessment task you will

  • Learn to plan, schedule and execute project tasks with a view to improve your personal productivity
  • Gain an understanding of some typical issues related to the operation of a medium size business
  • Use the functionality of Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 to manipulate the sales and marketing data, analyse it and visualise it in tabular and chart form; and write a brief memo of your business observations and recommendations.

Case Background

Todd Restaurants offer national chain of full-service, casual-themed restaurants in Australia. You have been offered the job of vice president of operations for Todd Restaurants. During your first week on the job, Joshua Todd, your boss and CEO of the company, has asked you to provide an analysis of how well the company's restaurants are performing. Specifically, he would like to know which units and regions are performing extremely well, which are performing moderately well, and which are underperforming.

Reference no: EM131277

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