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1. text provides an example of the execution of a simple MARIE program. For this problem, you are to complete a similar example for a different program. In particular, for the MARIE program given below, you are to complete the equivalent of Figure, but for the program below. You do not need to show how the "Halt" instruction is executed. Specify values in PC, IR, MAR, MBR, and AC in hexadecimal. A template for your answer is provided as a Microsoft Word file that is included with this assignment on Scholar. You are to incorporate your answer for this problem into your submission for the homework assignment so that you submit only one PDF file for the entire assignment.

The program is as follows. Note that this table is the equivalent of Table, only for a different program.

Hex Address


Binary Contents of Memory Address

Hex Contents of Memory


Load  105

0001 0001 0000 0101



Subt  104

0100 0001 0000 0100



Store 104

0010 0001 0000 0100




0111 0000 0000 0000




0000 0000 1010 0011




0000 0000 1111 0011


4. Scavenger Hunt: Two pioneers of early computers and computer organization were Howard H. Aiken and John von Neumann. Answer the questions below regarding Aiken and von Neumann. Cite sources used for your answers.

a. Is Aiken or is von Neumann associated with the so-called Princeton architecture?

b. Is Aiken or is von Neumann associated with the so-called Harvard architecture?

c. What is the key feature of a Princeton architecture computer compared to the Harvard architecture?

d. Does the MARIE architecture owe more to Aiken or von Neumann?

Reference no: EM131276


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