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Being an effective brand manager is a difficult task. One person who has taken the challenge is Kerri. L. Martin, brand manager of BMW Motorcycles. We asked Kerri to describe her work and she describes the following

The responsibilities of my job as brand manager fall into two very different yet linked areas, strategic and tactical. While on one hand I'm responsible for leading the brand's long-term identity and strategic positioning, on the other hand I'm also responsible for guiding all tactical marketing consumer communications programs and materials. It is my job to ensure that all communications that touch the consumer are integrated, speaking in one tone and voice, and visually complementary of each other

Beyond this more general description, Kerri noted her main duties as follows: On a daily basis I could be involved in one or more of the following: new product launches ad campaign marketing, media planning, point-of-purchase merchandising, co -op advertising, budgets and general administration

The company is quite attentive to the idea of developing a consistent theme to reach potential customers. Kerri stated that her department is acutely aware of the importance of brand management, brand development, and integration of brand strategies with an overall IMC approach.(Kenneth E.Clow and Donald Baack)

(a) As stated by Kerri her work consists of two very different yet linked areas, namely the strategic and tactical aspect. In relation to her work explain

I. Market oriented strategic planning , support your definition by applying it to the case

II. Corporate Strategic planning

(b) Describe the concept of integrated marketing communications in relation to the above case

(c) Using the scenario of the above case, define the following-

I. The term Brand

II. Characteristics that make a brand successful

(d) In relation to the above case apply and explain the characteristics of service marketing


You are the newly recruited Marketing Communications Manager of a hotel, and you have to present your new marketing plan to the board at the end of the month. In this context you are meeting your direct staff in order to ensure that you are all well prepared to submit a good plan to the board. You need to discuss the following points during your presentation to your staff

I. Define the purposes of a good marketing plan to them

II. Relate to them the compulsory sections of a good marketing plan, and using a relevant hotel scenario explain the component of each section


(a) Answer the following by providing definitions and short answers

I. Guidelines for service advertising effectiveness when using Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)

II. Characteristics that need to be present in order to exceed customer expectations

III. How to manage service promises (support with a diagram)

(b) Describe the most common elements of the marketing communication mix


Using a relevant product within the hospitality or tourism sector answer the three following questions

I. Define the term product

II. Describe the four main product levels that applies to your chosen product

III. Still in relation to the chosen product describe how the elements of the nature of hospitality sales applies


(a) Define the following terms

I. Tourism

II. National Tourist Organization (NTO)

III. Destinations

IV. Sustainable Tourism

V.Macro - destinations

(b) With the use of relevant examples, explain five main determinants of demand in relation to destination marketing

Reference no: EM132691


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