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Husky Air is a private aviation FBO (fixed base operator) located in DeKalb, Illinois.  L.T. Scully and a group of investors, who compiled their life savings and a large loan from a bank in Chicago, founded the company in January of 2008.  Husky Air currently has 23 employees, which are composed of pilots, mechanics, and office staff.  Husky Air offers a full range of services, which consist of aircraft charters (business jets, propjets, helicopters, and aircrafts), refueling, and an assortment of avionics maintenance, aircraft rentals, flight instructions, and supplies for pilots.  All of these amenities are nothing out of the ordinary for FBO's which are located at many other airports in the area; Husky Air is starting to stand above the other FBO's for its outstanding service, and avionic attention.

            Husky Air is starting to really make themselves known through a program they run called Pilot Angles.  Pilot Angels is a charitable service that helps by donating volunteer private pilots to hospitals, health care agencies, and organ banks.  These volunteer pilots for Pilot Angels are pilots who donate both their time and their aircrafts to help out people who need and receive healthcare benefits such as diagnostic or treatment services.  They also provide transportation for donor organs, supplies and medical personnel.  These pilots who volunteer their time and aircraft pay for these flights, and are truly Angels of the Sky for many people.

            These pilots that volunteer their time to Husky Air for the Pilot Angels program are not required to have any medical training and are not allowed to offer any medical assistance to individuals who are using their services.  This could be a conflicting area that could lead to large legal issues, so the pilots must remain as only pilots to persons flying with them.   Since all the pilots in this program are volunteers, they are not required to carry any medical equipment onboard, and are not required to be able to accommodate any stretchers. 


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Reference no: EM13629

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