Define ethical issues in research methodology

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(a) Identify a topic that could be the focus of a research study in Educational Leadership and Management, and write three different research objectives that could be addressed on this topic

(b) Discuss whether a positivist or interpretive paradigm would provide the best approach for the study and justify the choice of the approach

(c) Explain the benefits and limitations of the chosen approach


Carrying out an interview is a very good source of qualitative data

(a) Distinguish between an in-depth interview and a focus group interview

(b) What are the advantages and disadvantages of carrying out a focus group interview?


(a) What is meant by the Case study design and what are the main features of this research design?

(b) What are the sampling and data collecting strategies that a researcher would undertake if he wants to carry out a case study of school effectiveness and leadership in a poor community?


(a) Define ethical issues in research methodology

(b) A researcher wants to carry out an investigation amongst the Form V students of a secondary school. What are some of the ethical considerations that he should take into account before, during and after the data collection?

Reference no: EM132695

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