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Q. What Behavioural elements affecting job design?

Behavioural elements: behavioural factors have to do with the human needs and the necessity to satisfy them. Higher level needs are more significant in this context. Individuals inspired by the high level needs find jobs challenging and satisfying which are higher on the following dimensions:

1. Feedback: individuals must receive meaningful feedback about their performance, preferably by evaluating their own performance and defining the feedback. This implies that they should ideally work on a complete product or on significant part of it.

2. Autonomy: this is being responsible for what one does. It is the freedom to contact ones responses to the environment. A job that gives workers authority to make decisions will provide added responsibilities, which tend to increases the employee's sense of the recognition and self esteem. The absence of autonomy, on the other hand, can cause employee apathy or poor performance.

3. Use of the abilities: the job must be perceived by individuals as requiring them to use abilities they value in order to perform the job efficiency.

4. Variety: lack of variety may cause boredom. Boredom, in turn, leads to fatigue and fatigue causes mistakes. By injecting variety into jobs, personnel specialists can reduce errors caused by fatigue.

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