Types of psychographic segmentation, Marketing Management

Question 1:

Describe the evolution of malls and specialty stores

  • Detail explanation on ‘Evolution of Malls'.
  • Detail explanation on ‘Speciality Stores and Malls'


Question 2:

Analyse the economic factors that affect the commercial real estate market in India

  • Detailed explanation on all 5 factors of "Economic Factors"


Question 3:

Elaborate the types of Psychographic Segmentation.

  • Detail Explanation on ‘Psychographic Segmentation'.


Question 4:

Explain the importance of assessing the survivability of a mall.

  • Detailed explanation on ‘Competition Scanning'
  • Detail explanation on ‘Profiling'
  • Detail explanation on ‘Assessing Survivability'


Question 5:

Analyse the importance of store design in a mall.

  • Detailed explanations on ‘Theme of the Mall'

Question 6:

Explain the concept - build to sell & Explain the concept - build to rent.

  • Detailed explanation on ‘Build to Sell'
  • Detailed explanation on ‘Build to Rent'


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