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Training for different employees:

The employees who are to be trained can be of different types and each type would require different types of training.

1. Unskilled workers are giving training in improved methods of handling machines and materials. The objective here is to secure reduction in the cost of the production and waste. Training is given on the job itself, by the immediate superior officers.

2. Semi skilled workers require training to cope with requirements arising out of adoption of mechanization, and technical processes. It may be given either in the section or department of the workers or in segregated training shops.

3. Skilled workers are given training through apprenticeship in training centres or in the industry itself.

4. Salesmen are trained in the art of salesmanship, in handling customers, planning their work, and facing challenges market place.

5. Supervision staff constitutes a very important link in the chain of administration. They have to cope with the increasing demands of the enterprise in which they are employed to develop team spirit among their charge. A training programme for them should aim at helping the supervisors to improve their performance, and to prepare them for assuming greater responsibilities at higher levels of the management.

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