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what is scientific selection tool and techniques?

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Every country has employment laws that are unique. There are some core concepts that will help you put the U.S. laws into context. It is also helpful to provide examples of some re

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Q. Characteristics of worker’s participation? 1. Participation implies practices which increase the scope for employee's share of influence in decision making in different tier

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how to make paroll system

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maintenance in human resource

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Explain the two dimesional perspective of KM The challenge is to create an organisation that can move and redistribute its knowledge. By finding ways to make knowledge move, an

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Using relevant research/academic literature on HRM that you have read so far, prepare a critical review of one (1) of the following HR activities that warrants remedial action in t

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2. What is wrong with the recruitment policy of the company?

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Suggestions for conducting appraisal reviews: 1. Give the employee a few days notice of the discussion and its purpose. 2. Prepare notes and use the completed performance a

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Question 1: Human Resource planning is vital for any organisation. Describe the process of Human Resource Planning? Question 2: (a) Differentiate between the following

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Are you willing to relocate? If you want the job, the answer is 'yes'.However, remember that you never have to make a decision about a job until an Best offer is made to you –

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