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Presentation of Results

Presentation of results of an experiment is an essential feature both for analysis and any conclusions drawn from that experiment. Results are mostly recorded in tabular form whenever some measure merit is made and presentation of results into, say, reciprocals or logs are invariably presented in tabular form. A useful analysis of results can rarely be made from an unprocessed table of raw results. You have to consider what the aim of an experiment is. For instance, are you trying to establish a certain kind of relationship between two variables, or you want to show the relative magnitude of certain quantities?

You will generally find that most of your results will need to be summarized first of all in a table. Although a diagram or graph may be more appropriate for your final presentation.

 Use of Tables

In compiling tables of results, clarity is the key to presentation; all the necessary information must be displayed on the table itself. Tables therefore need a title and the columns need headings which make it quite clear what data is being presented and what units of measurement are being used.

 Units of Measurement

As a general rule, it is best to use SI units for final presentation of results (e.g. Pressure/pa, density/kg) although the initial recording in your practical notebook should give results in the units originally used for measuring. Conversions, etc. can thus be double checked later.


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