Packet switching over circuit switching, Electrical Engineering

Q. Justify disadvantages and advantages of packet switching over circuit switching?


Comparison of circuit switching and packet switching showing disadvantages and advantages of packet switching over circuit switching is as follows:

Circuit Switching

Packet Switching

Dedicated transmission path. 

No dedicated transmission path

Transmission of data. 

Transmission of packets.

Operate in real time. 

Near real time.

Message not stored. 

Message held for short time

Path established for entire message.


Route established for each packet

Call setup delay. 

Packet transmission delay.

Busy signal if called party busy.

No busy signal.

Blocking may occur. 

Blocking cannot occur

User responsible for message-loss protection.

Network may be responsible for each packet but not for entire message.

No speed or code conversion. 

Speed and code conversion.

Fixed bandwidth transmission. 

Dynamic use of bandwidth.

No overload bits after initial setup delay.


Overload bits in each packet.

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