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WV8 is a large not for profit (NFP) public sector organisation responsible for organising the operation of publicly financed schools within its region. WV8 receives its income solely from government grants but, because of funding cuts, is under pressure to maintain existing services whilst operating more cost effectively. Recently, a government spokesperson publicly criticised public sector organisations claiming that they are expensive, lack skills found in the private sector, such as marketing and business acumen, and have a lack of understanding of the customers they are meant to serve.

Describe the lessons WV8 could learn from marketing principles and practices.

The recent criticism of public sector organisations like WV8 involves the claim that they lack 'basic skills in areas like marketing' and have a 'lack of understanding' of the customers it is meant to serve. This criticism may or may not be fair but clearly WV8 can learn from marketing principles and practices, despite the fact that this thinking was developed with the private sector in mind.

Customer focus

Identification of user wants and needs

Effective communication with customers

Market research 


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