Define picture composition, Computer Graphics


Assume you work as Producer for the national TV channel in Mauritius. As such, you have been requested by the Director of Production to submit a proposal in the form of a project write-up on a series of thirteen 26-minute TV programmes on pollution in Mauritius.

a. Work out the project write-up. Your answer should include a description of the various components involved.

b. Once the project has been approved, what are the various stages you will go through in the production process and how?



  1. Define picture composition.
  2. What are the three factors affecting picture composition?
  3. Elaborate on each factor stated in part (a) (2).


  1. What are the four basic lines present in picture composition?
  2. Describe the effects of each line in a picture.

(c) Explain the meaning of chromakey.


(a) List down ten key studio components that are vital for a studio-based audiovisual production.

(b) Describe the role of each component in the production of studio-based audiovisual programmes.


The global television industry is in the midst of a fundamental transformation, as reported by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (2005). The drivers of change include new forms of content, new means of content delivery, new devices for consuming television, new consumption patterns, and new routes to market. Discuss.

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