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"I hate my job at the moment. The work is boring, as well as stressful, and they keep changing the brief for the new products they want me to develop. I also have to spend a third of my time on the help desk because they are always short-staffed due to illness, and people do not seem to stay there long. This does not make the best use of my skills, and means that I do not meet my own targets and do not get a bonus. Anyway, why should I put all my effort into making the person who owns the company even richer?"

(a) Use the Two Factor model for motivation, as identified by Herzberg, to analyse the likely effect on the performance of an individual who feels like this.

(b) Although performance management is a continuous process it is still necessary to have a formal review once or twice a year.

What are the rules to be followed for conducting performance review meetings?

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