Determine the stress in the wall at two points a and b

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The external aluminum fuel tank on a hobbyist rocket is subjected to an internal pressure of 500 psi. The end caps are spherical. The cylinder has length of 30 inc., a diameter of 8 in., and a wall thickness of 0.125 in. Determine the stress in the wall at two points A and B. For each, draw the stresses on a 3-D element. Treat the upper cap as spherical vessel and the sidewalls as cylindrical vessel.

Reference no: EM13542218

Explain how to determine the normal stress in rod ad

If the temperature of rod CF is increased by 10 degrees C and that of rod BC is decreassed by 40 degrees C, determine the normal stress in rod AD. The rods are two meters lo

Determine what percent removal efficiency may be expected

The current removal efficiency is 96% for an air flow rate through the separator equal to 18 m3/s. Due to a process change, the air flow rate is expected to increase to 22 m

Calculate the mean standard deviation and the coefficient

Using a spreadsheet program, create a control chart for these data showing the target value and the upper and lower specification limits. comment on any trend and possible rea

Tensile modulus of elasticity

Calculate the tensile modulus of elasticity for a 10 laminated composite consisting of 62 percent by volume of unidirectional carbon fibers and an epoxy matrix under isostre

Find how much must be deposited now if the fund will earn

The maintenance costs begin in 31st year at $300,000 annually. How much must be deposited now if the fund will earn 5% interest. How much does this change if the interest ra

What proportion of connectors fail during warranty period

The probability is 1% that an electrical connector that is kept dry fails during the warranty period of a portable computer. If the connector is ever wet, the probability of

Calculate the fluid velocities at the two ends

Assume frictionless flow in a long, horizontal, conical pipe. The diameter is 12 inches at one end and 6 inches at the other. The pressure head at the smaller end is 16 feet

What is the effective annual interest rate for the loan

You borrow $1000 and pay off the loan with interest after 4.5 years. The amount paid is $1500. What is the effective annual interest rate for this loan. Use a 6 month intere


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