Calculate the force that the bolt must put on the hatch to

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1.A block of material has a mass density of 650 kg/m^3 and volume of 0.37 m^3. Find the weight of the block in Newtons and the specific gravity of the material. What downward force (in Newtons) would be necessary to hold the block from the previous problem completely under water, if the water is seawater (s.g. = 1.03)?

2.A circular hatch, 2-m in diameter has its top 10-feet under water ( fresh water s.g. = 1.0), and is hinged on the bottom, and held closed on the top with a single bolt. Perform a moment balance about the hinge to calculate the force that the bolt must put on the hatch to keep it closed.

Reference no: EM13542217


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