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The human resource department and line managers, X began his engineering ap...

X began his engineering apprenticeship with CM8 manufacturing ten years ago before moving abroad to work for other companies. He has now returned to work for CM8 as Operations Mana

Human resource function of selection, Critically examine challenges that ca...

Critically examine challenges that can be faced in the human resource function of selection in the organisation

Explain performance-related-reward, Question 1: (a) Explain Performan...

Question 1: (a) Explain Performance Appraisal and what are its objectives from an Organisation viewpoint? (b) What are the considerations that are taken into account i

Morale and attitude surveys, Morale and attitude surveys: an occasional pe...

Morale and attitude surveys: an occasional personnel audit may be conducted to forecast future promotions skill requirements and merit rating to initiate informal discussions and

Assignment, “Effective Human Resources Management depends upon sound reward...

“Effective Human Resources Management depends upon sound reward system” Comment.

Compensatory casual leave, Q. Compensatory Casual leave? Railway servan...

Q. Compensatory Casual leave? Railway servants who attend office on Sundays and Holidays are compensated granting Compensatory Casual leave to be availed within a month from th

Grievances resulting from management policy, Grievances resulting from mana...

Grievances resulting from management policy: 1. Overtime 2. Transfer 3. Leave 4. Hostility towards and job rates. 5. Wage payment and job rates. 6. Seniority

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