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a) Describe four issues that are usually addressed in the Needs Analysis phase in the building-block approach to network design.

b) Sketch a typical hybrid star ring topology paying attention how the clients and switching hubs are connected.

c) Two important failure parameters are: MTBF and MTTR.

i) Explain the difference between those two parameters.
ii) Calculate the reliability and the availability of a system given the MTBF is 2000 hours and the MTTR is 3 hours with a mission time of 30 days.

d) In terms of hardware redundancy, contrast the following:

i) Full vs. Differential backup
ii) RAID Level 1 vs. RAID Level 5

e) Differentiate between each of the following:

i) Packet-Level Firewall and Application-Level Firewall
ii) Request and Trap SNMPv1 header fields
iii) 802.11a and 802.11g in terms of rated speed and frequency range.

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