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Selection System for the HR Department

Nairduwel, Inoalot, and Imslo (NII) is a law firm specializing in business law. Among other areas, it deals in equal employment opportunity law, business litigation, and workplace torts. The firm has more than 50 partners and approximately 120 employees. It does business in three states and has law offices in two major metropolitan areas. The firm has no federal contracts.
NII plans to expand into two additional states with two major metropolitan areas. One of the primary challenges accompanying this ambitious expansion plan is how to staff, train, and compensate the individuals who will fill the positions in the new offices. Accordingly, the firm wishes to hire an HR director to oversee the recruitment, selection, training, performance appraisal, and compensation activities accompanying the business expansion, as well as supervised the HR activities in the existing NII offices. The newly created job description for the HR director is listed in the accompanying exhibit (see page 3 for Job Description).
The firm wishes to design and then use a selection system for assessing applicants that will achieve two objectives: (1) create a valid and useful system that will do a good job of matching applicant KSAOs to job requirements, and (2) be in compliance with all relevant federal and state employment laws.
The firm is considering numerous selection techniques for possible use. For each method listed below decide whether you would or would not use it in the selection process and state why.

1. A job knowledge test specifically designed for HR professionals that focuses on an applicant's general knowledge of HR management
2. A medical examination and drug test at the beginning of the selection process in order to determine if applicants are able to cope with the high level of stress and frequent travel requirement of the job and are drug-free
3. A paper-and-pencil integrity test
4. A structured behavioral interview that would be specially designed for use in filling only this job
5. A general cognitive ability test
6. Personal Characteristics Inventory
7. A set of interview questions that the firm typically uses for filling any position:
a. Tell me about a problem you solved on a previous job.
b. Do you have any physical impairment that would make it difficult for you to travel on business?
c. Have you ever been tested for AIDS?
d. Are you currently unemployed, and if so, why?
e. This position requires fresh ideas and energy. Do you think you have those qualities?
f. What is your definition of success?
g. What kind of sports do you like?
h. How well do you work under pressure? Give some examples.

Reference no: EM1330343

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