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Need guidance for the above as per attached. This is at master level and application of both theory and practical real life example in business context are both equally important. Focus should be on the case study.

Detail of the requirements, important notes and recommended readings for references are all listed as per attached. It is necessary to follow the requirements stated.

Case for critical analysis: Inter-City Manufacturing, Inc.

The president of Inter-City Manufacturing Inc., Rich Langston, wanted to facilitate upward communication. He believed an open-door policy was a good place to start. He announced that his own door was open to all employees and encouraged senior managers to do the same. He felt this would give him a way to get early warning signals that would not be filtered or redirected through the formal chain of command. Langston found that many employees who used the open-door policy had been with the company for years and were inadequate policies and procedures. Langston would raise these issues and explain any changes at the next senior managers' meeting.

The most difficult complaints to handle were those from people who were not getting along with their bosses. One employee, Leroy, complained bitterly that his manager had overcommitted the department and put everyone under too much pressure. Leroy argued that long hours and low morale were major problems. But he would not allow Rich Langston to bring the manager into the discussion nor to seek out other employees to confirm the complaint. Although Langston suspected that Leroy might be right, he could not let the matter sit and blurted out, "Have you considered leaving the company?" This made Leroy realise that a meeting with his immediate boss was unavoidable.

Before the three-party meeting, Langston contacted Leroy's manager and explained what was going on. He insisted that the manager come to the meeting willing to listen and without hostility towards Leroy. During the meeting, Leroy's manager listened actively and displayed no ill will. He learned the problem from Leroy's perspective and realised that he was over his head in his new job.

After the meeting, the manager said he was relieved. He had been promoted into the job from a technical position just a few months earlier and had no management or planning experience. He welcomed Leroy's offer to help him do a better job of planning.

Source: Daft, R.L. (2000), Management. Hartcourt College Publishers.

Case for critical analysis: Inter-City Manufacturing, Inc.

Answer the following questions based on the case:

1. What techniques increased Rich Langston's communication effectiveness? Discuss.

2. Do you think that an open-door policy was the right way to improve upward communications? What other techniques would you suggest?

3. What problems do you think an open-door policy creates? Do you think employees are reluctant to use it? Why? Use example(s) and literature to support your stand.

4. Henry Mintzberg's research indicates that diverse manager activities can be organized into ten roles. Identify two of these roles that Langston performed in carrying out his open-door policy.

5. Which style of leadership is Langston exhibiting based on Hersey & Blanchard's Situational Theory? Evaluate its effectiveness in a company like Inter-City.

Important Notes:

1. Application of theory and practical example are equally important with appropriate use of Harvard referencing method with in text citation.

2. Recommended author for this subject is Richard L. Daft and recommended reading is The New Era of Management 2006 and 2008. And all others related management theory and practice readings including online, journal and etc.

3. Plagiarism check is needed via some software so originality is important and no wholesale copying is allowed.

4. Report should be in essay format.

5. Sufficient use of references is crucial.

Reference no: EM1334865

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