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Thesis,MAIN POINTS, introduction,conclusion,at least 5 paragraph.
Write an essay which analyzes your READING HABITS AND REQUIREMENTS. Specifically, discuss:
1. your reading habits of the past (before entering university)
2. your reading habits of the present (use a READING RECORD and organizational table to help collect and organize this information prior to writing the essay)
3. your reading requirements of the present/future (what you NEED to read as a university student, etc.)
4. include information about the type of reading material (for example textbooks, magazines, mystery novels, etc.), the format of the material (paper, electronic, etc.), the language of materials, reasons for reading (for example academic/ course requirements, leisure, etc.), the quantity of material, the duration of reading, and any other information you think is relevant.

A useful way to organize the information is to compare/ contrast the past to the present, or to compare/contrast habits to requirements.
Note that while ‘habit’ refers to what you usually do, ‘requirement’ refers to what you must do.

Clearly stated main points?
Sufficient support for every main point?
Explanation/interpretation as part of support?
Complete content in the essay introduction (including thesis and organizational statement)?
A sufficient conclusion (including “so what” information)?

Your essay should not only describe your habits and requirements, but more importantly, it should analyze the similarities and differences in considering whether your habits need to change to become more appropriate for the academic context.

Reference no: EM13144532

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