Iron analysis

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Iron analysis

I performed iron analysis in order to determine the concentration of Fe solution. What I used Gentle Iron was 25mg of Fe per gentle iron capsule. And the methods for this analysis were Atomic Absorption Spectrometry, Potentionmetric titration, and visible spectrometry.

My prediction mass of the gentle iron was 25mg of Fe same as the label. I diluted 50mg of Fe from two gentle iron capsules with 250ml solution (H20 as the solvent). Through the calculation, 200ppm is the concentration of the Fe in 250 mL solution.

I got result each of methods for Atomic Absorption spectrometry (30mg of Fe per capsule ± 0.3 mg), Potentionmetric titration (28.7mg of Fe per capsule), and Visible spectrometry (30.9mg of Fe per capsule ± 0.3 mg).

In comparison between prediction and the final results of each gentle iron capsule, the result for Atomic Absorption Spectrometry is higher than the prediction as 5mg, the result for potentionmetric titration is higher than the prediction as 3.7mg, and the result for visible spectrometry is higher than the prediction as 5.9mg. In conclusion, this analysis shows that Fe in gentle iron is more than 25 mg per capsule.

Reference no: EM13144531


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