Prominent faults

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Prominent Faults

For this assignment, conduct some research on ONE of the prominent faults listed below. Submit a written report, a podcast, or a slideshow to describe the following about the fault you select:

1. What type of fault it is

2. A description of how rock bodies are moving at the fault plane

3. The tectonic setting most likely associated with your fault (convergent, divergent, transform)

4. The type of stress rocks at a fault are under (tensional, compressional, etc.)

5. Any major populated areas near your fault and whether or not earthquakes are likely to occur at the fault

Faults to choose from:

Wasatch Fault (Utah, U.S.A.)

Alpine Fault (New Zealand)

Keystone Fault (Nevada, U.S.A.)

Reference no: EM13973


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