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Project planning, breakdown structure and control

Show what controlling measures should be taken during the planning phase. Then provide a generic method for creating a project schedule starting with the creation of the work breakdown structure. Integrate the control measures you surveyed initially in the recommended framework and discuss resource leveling.

:The project planning ensures that the plan envisaged at the start is an effective management tool throughout the project and it does not take a wrong path. For this purpose a group, called Monitoring and controlling group is formed which overlooks the entire project to monitor and control it. The responsibilities of the group entail monitoring and controlling project work, perform integrated change control, verify scope, control: scope, schedule and costs, Perform quality control, report performance, monitor and control risks and administer procurements
The objective is that the project may meet the constraints of quality, cost and schedule in time.

Project schedule lists the elements detailing the start up to finishing date of the project. It attempts to forecast the approximate tenure of the completion and closure of the project and if there is deviation from the set course the areas where it is lagging accelerated, necessary changes are made by modifying the approaches.The Work Breakdown Structure is a list of project's phases and milestones. The best way to solve any problem is to break it down to small pieces or tasks within each of the major tasks until each of them become manageable. Status of task can be reported by the Team Members responsible for them and in turn allow the Project Manager take corrective measures to avoid any lurking problem. At the same time it is equally important to identify the tasks dependent on each other.

Reference no: EM13363237


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