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You are a high level manager who has been asked to show a PowerPoint Presentation to your employees on the ideas of stakeholders and corporate social responsibility. Your PowerPoint Presentation must include the following:

  • What do you meant by a stakeholder?
  • How does your business define stakeholder?
  • Check your stakeholders and what makes them stakeholders in your business:
  • The employee
  • The customers
  • The supplier
  • The government
  • The local community and society
  • How does your business communicate with its stakeholders?
  • Show corporate social responsibility in your business.
  • Show the social issues facing your company.

You can consider anything in developing the PowerPoint (person, place, time), and you will use your own employer, your own business, an actual business, or a fictitious organization. Make sure you identify your organization at the starting of the slide show. Points will be deducted if you do not include a reference list.

PowerPoint contains a "notes" feature where the presenter will insert notes under each slide. You will add notes to your PowerPoint presentation by clicking in the area titled "Click to add notes." This is located under each slide. Use this feature to add additional content that is not included in your slides.


You are free to design your PowerPoint in any format that you see fit. This adds color scheme, font, layout, etc. Thus, the level of professionalism in your PowerPoint will affect your grade. Excessive use of clip art, sound effects, and animation is inappropriate in a scientific/ professional presentation.

Reference no: EM135248

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