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Global Marketing Assignment. Introduction: Many successful firms know that going global is an option they can't ignore. However, the global game is not always easy to play.

The smart marketer needs to think globally by setting its sights on diverse markets around the world, but act locally by being willing to adapt its business practices to conditions in other parts of the world. This exercise is to help you to develop an understanding of cultures other than your own and how customer differences lead to changes in the ways marketing strategies are implemented in these cultures.

Assignment: Assume that you are the Marketing Director for a company that manufacturer's and distributes over-the-counter (OTC) pain medicines such as Advil, Bayer, Excedrin, St. Joseph's, Tylenol. Your company is interested in the global market potential for these products in the following countries: South Africa, Japan and Mexico.

Your assignment is to research two of these three countries; review their cultures, their cultural attitudes towards over the counter medicines, how the population currently uses OTC medicines, how these medicines are currently marketed in these countries, cultural attitudes to healthcare, any current health crisis in those markets and to develop marketing strategies specific to these locations for your company.

Be certain that you take time to research the US market to gather ideas and information for marketing strategies. The assignment is to write a minimum of a two page paper answering the following questions. In this paper summarize your findings and include the following content:

1. Prepare a brief summary of the demographic, economic and cultural differences you would expect to find in the two countries that you have selected.

2. Discuss how these differences might affect marketing strategies for over-the-counter medicines.

3. Describe the marketing strategies that you would utilize in each of these countries for over-the-counter medicines.

4. Briefly describe the marketing strategies (which are many and varied) used in the United States for over-the-counter medicines.

Take some time and walk the drug store / grocery store / big box store aisles and note the different strategies utilized, take a look in some magazines and watch a short amount of television looking for advertising for OTC medicines.

Guidelines for writing the paper: Answer all questions completely and thoroughly.

Be careful to use a spell check and correct sentence structure. Use a paragraph style format, double space and 12 point font.

It is critical that you document your sources using correct APA style and include a reference page. If you need help with this click on the Citation Resources button on the opening page.

Reference no: EM131523834


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