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Cathi required to network three computers for herself and her roommates, Sharon and Emily. She decided that a(n) (1)___________________ network was the right kind to install in their dorm suite since a(n) (2)____________________ network was too complex. Because they all liked to stream digital movies from the Internet, they needed high a(n) (3)___________________ however doubted they would achieve the promised (4)___________________ in nay network they installed. Though they knew using (5) ____________________ media would offer the fastest Ethernet networks, they decided to use (6) ____________________ media so that they could use their notebooks wherever they were in their suite. Thus they required to buy a(n) (7)___________________ with the wireless capability that would enable them to share the broadband Internet connection that Sharon already had through a local ISP. This device could also double as a(n)(8)___________________, avoiding the need to purchase a separate device. Fortunately, all their computers already had (9)____________________ installed, making it easy to connect the computers with the network. Cathi knew they would require to purchase some (10) ___________________ as the Xbox 360 they wanted to share only had a wired Ethernet adapter in it. Cathi’s roommate Emily wanted to know if they could hook into the (11)__________________, or small network, which was already deployed for the students in dorm. This student network was already hooked into the college’s (12)___________________, or the large network, that spanned all three of the college’s campuses. She knew they could require to be careful when connecting to network, since some of the students from the dorm had accidentally been illegally (13)__________________ on a network from the deli across the street. As connectivity for notebooks in lounge at the end of the hall was very poor, they require to consider purchasing a (n)(14)___________________ to extend range of wireless signal. As a final detail, Emily suggested they get a(n)(15)___________________ printer which would plug right into the router and enable them all to print whenever they required to do so.

Reference no: EM1315148


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