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One-way to solidify the concepts of client/server computing and interprocess communication is to develop the requirements for a computer game which plays "Rock, Paper, Scissors" using these techniques. The requirements should specify which elements of the gaming task are performed by the client and those performed by the server, which interprocess communication technique you are going to employ, and include a discussion of how information is exchanged. An actual program is not required just the design specifications.

The game is normally played by two people (more are possible), and the rules are quite simple. Each player decides on one of three items, then on the count of three shows them to the other player(s) (i.e., each player pumps their fist three times, then hold out their hand in an appropriate gesture.) The items may be rock (closed fist), paper (palm open), or scissors (two finger "peace" sign), and the winner is determined by:

  • Paper beats rock - paper wraps rock
  • Rock beats scissors - rock dulls scissors
  • Scissors beats paper - scissors cut paper

Reference no: EM131510

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