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Baobab rolling mills owns a lathe machine which was purchased 10 years ago at sh. 75 million. The machine had an expected life of 15 yrs at the time it was purchased, and management estimated, and still believes, that the salvage value will be zero at the end of its 15 yrs life. The machine is being depreciated at on a straight line basis, thus ots annual depreciation charge is sh. 5 million, and its present book value is sh.25 million. The R&D manager reports that a new special purpose machine can be purchased for sh. 120 million(including freight and installation of sh. 10 million and 30 million respectively) which, over itd 5 year life will reduce labour and raw materials usage sufficient to cut operating costs from sh. 70 million to sh. 40 million. It is estimated that the new machine can be sold for sh. 20 million at the end of its life. The old machine actual current market value is sh. 10 million, which is below its sh. 25 million book value. If the new machine were acquired, the old lathe would be sold to another company. Networking capital requirements will increase by sh. 10 million at the time of replacement. The company is in 40% tax bracket and the cost of capital is 12%. The company will maintain the straight basis of depreciating similar machines.

Evaluate the following:

Net cashflows at the time of replacement?

Incremental cashflows over the life of the new lathe?

Net terminal cashflows at the end of new machines life?

Payback period for the replacement decision?

Net present value of the new lathe?

The replacement decision internal rate of return?

Reference no: EM131511

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