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Trevor Toy Auto Mechanics is an automobile repair shop in Phoenix, Arizona. Over the past few years, Trevor has seen his business grow from a two-bay car repair shop with only one other employee to a 15-bay car repair shop with 21 employees.
Trevor wants to improve service and add a level of personalization to his customers. However, Trevor has no idea who his best customers are, the work that is being performed, or which mechanic is responsible for the repairs. Trevor is asking for your help. He has provided you with a spreadsheet file, TREVOR.xls, that contains a list of all the repairs his shop has completed over the past year including each client's name along with a unique identifier. The spreadsheet file contains the fields provided in the table below.

Column Name                 Description

A CUSTOMER #               A unique number assigned to each customer

B CUSTOMER NAME         The name of the customer

C MECHANIC #                A unique number assigned to the mechanic who completed the work

D CAR TYPE                     The type of car on which the work was completed

E WORK COMPLETED      What type of repair was performed on the car

F NUM HOURS                 How long in hours it took to complete the work

G COST OF PARTS           The cost of the parts associated with completing the repair

H TOTAL CHARGE             The amount charged to the customer for the repair

Your analysis should include

(1) Trevor's best customers;

(2) Trevor's worst customers; and

(3) the mechanics that perform the repairs for each customer.

Reference no: EM131509

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