Outline the difference between an intranet and an extranet

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(a) Identify and describe the different component parts of the following

URL: https://cn.xyz1.ac.uk:8799/~nk/WMS/details.html?name=mark&x=25

(b) List and explain five steps you need to take to migrate from HTML to XHTML on an existing website.

(c) Draw an annotated diagram explaining how data is transmitted to web servers during a standard form submit event.

(d) How does HTML allow you to:

(i) create a thumbnail

(ii) control the appearance of hyperlinks in a Web Page

(iii) insert a background graphic in a Web Page.

Note: write appropriate code extracts.


(a) Name two image formats used on the web and explain when it is most appropriate to use each format.

(b) Explain what you understand by the following as used in CSS:

(i) Contextual Selector and Group Selector

(ii) Relative and Absolute positioning

Illustrate your answer using extract codes.

(c) An HTML file "autodetection.html" uses an external Cascading Style Sheet file name "layout.css". Users are viewing the Web page making use of different browsers. The version for those browsers may also vary. Give the appropriate Browser Sniffer codes which enable you to use the file "layout.css" only if the browser is Internet Explorer 6 or above.

(d) Show how JQuery allows you to:

(i) select a DIV element using css class or ID and retrieves its value

(ii) change the foreground colour and the size of text for all first level heading

(iii) change the attribute values of all anchor tags in a web page


(a) Explain briefly the two ways used to create image maps.

(b) Describe the three approaches to accessing XHTML elements through JavaScript and write the corresponding JavaScript to access the "Cancel" button element defined through the XHTML script shown below

<form name="buttonForm">

<input type="button" name="OK" id="OKid">

<input type="button" name="Cancel" id="CancelId">


(c) Write a JavaScript program that allows a user to enter a sentence in a TextArea to test the following conditions

(i) the sentence should be in lower case

(ii) provide a message if the TextArea is empty

(iii) provide a message if the sentence contains the letter „s?

(iv) provide a message if the 6th character is not letter „w?

(v) provide a message if the sentence contains less than 15 characters

(vi) provide a congratulatory message if all of the above conditions are satisfied.

(vii) The program should respond when the control is taken away from the TextArea element.


(a) Outline the difference between an intranet and an extranet.

(b) Give five factors that affect the download speed of a web page.

(c) DHTML combines HTML, JavaScript, Document Object Model and Style Sheets. List four key features of DHTML with regard to its use in web sites.

(d) A programmer is trying to produce an applet with the display shown in Figure 1 below such that whenever one of the checkboxes is selected the label changes to indicate correctly what has been ordered. However the code (shown below) contains errors and omissions Make the necessary corrections and additions to the following program-

159_Outline the difference between an intranet and an extranet.png

import java.awt.*;

import java.applet.*;

public class Question7 extends Applet {

Checkbox cola, burger, fries;

String s

public void init {

cola = new Checkbox("Cola");

burger = new Checkbox("Burger");

fries = new Checkbox("Fries");


public void ItemStateChanged() {

// User has clicked one of the check boxes

// This routine says which ones are checked

s = "You chose";

if (cola.getState()= true) s += cola.getLabel;

if (burger.getState()= true) s += burger.getLabel;

if (fries.getState()=true) s += fries.getLabel;



public void paint(Graphics)




}//end paint


Reference no: EM133551


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