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Question1: The coefficient of determination (r2) equals

[A] 0.5

[B] -0.5

[C] 0.7071

[D] -0.7071

Question2: The least squares estimate of the slope is

[A] 1

[B] 0

[C] 3

[D] -1 

Question3. Regression analysis was applied between sales data (Y in $1,000s) and advertising data (x in $100s) and the following information was obtained. = 12 + 1.8 x.

n = 17; SSR = 225; SSE = 75; Sb1 = 0.2683

Based on the above estimated regression equation, if advertising is $3,000, then the point estimate for sales (in dollars) is

[A] $66,000

[B] $5,412

[C] $66

[D] $17,400

Question4. In a simple regression analysis (where Y is a dependent and X an independent variable), if the Y intercept is positive, then

[A] there is a positive correlation between X and Y

[B] if Y is increased, X must also increase

[C] None of these alternatives is correct

[D] if X is increased, Y must also increase

Reference no: EM1319619


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