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Management Tools for Health Care Organizations to Comply with Patient's Legal Rights

choose one topic and identify two specific legal obligations that a specific health service organization has to its patients and then write a paper discussing all the areas listed in the outline following this subject list.

1. Official Title of the Law or Laws:

Indicate the official title of the federal and/or state law, the statute and section numbers. For example Federal law is written like "18 USC 1801". The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is not a federal statute but where administrative requirements man be found. Must be either a federal statute/state statute or you must cite both statutes, if applicable. Thus if there is both a federal and state law that covers the subject you picked then you must cite both.

2. Health Care Organization's Obligations to meet Patients' Legal Rights:

Describe and provide details about two specific legal obligations, required by the federal and or state law, that a health care organization owes to its patients. Include the citation and source of documents describing the patient's rights. Use in-text citations for all statistical references.

3. Consequences for Non-Compliance:

List the two legal obligations from the previous section, then discuss two (2) specific consequences from the federal and or state law, one consequence for each legal obligation [penalties etc for failing in the legal obligation], for the organizations' non-compliance. Then for each consequence you must research and discuss one relevant real life case. In other words, you must discuss one (1) consequence for each legal obligation and have one real life researched case for each consequence. See outline below. Cases must be found via the internet or print media or from personal real life experiences. In other words, what would happen to the organization if it neglected to meet its obligations to its patients? Be specific. Provide the specific Federal and or state law citations to back up your claim of the consequences.

4. Health Service Organization Management Actions to meet Legal Obligations for Patients' Rights:

Describe in detail three (3) specific management actions, within your control as a health care manager that you would institute, to ensure the health care organization complies with its obligations to protect patients' rights. Be specific as to each management action you would personally institute and why. No general comments. These actions may include specific uses of technology, procedures, human resource training, and other management tools.

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Reference no: EM13740806

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