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Assignment: Sharing the Past and Present to Move the Field Forward

Understanding theory, policy, and practice within the field today requires a long lens through which current research is considered within the context of historical contributions and theoretical perspectives. Just as we strive to understand children within their context, we must work to understand the current contemporary issues and their contextual origins.

In this Assignment, you explore contemporary issues in early childhood education in terms of their current evidence base and historical context. This Assignment provides you with a unique opportunity to understand what has shaped knowledge of contemporary issues and how these are defined today.

To Prepare

Imagine that you have been invited to work with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) to organize a World Conference on Early Childhood Education. The theme this year is a shared vision of what it means to work for the healthy development of young children and their families and why this work is vitally important. People from all over the world working in related fields who believe in this goal will be in attendance, as well as high-level officials who need help understanding the historical underpinnings and current evidence base for key issues of impact within the field of early childhood. You have been asked to organize a specific conference subtopic of your choice-one that either investigates an issue, provides essential foundational knowledge, or encourages exploration/debate related to a particular issue that affects healthy development of young children and positive family outcomes.

You may choose one of the conference subtopics below, or decide on one of your own:

• The role of play in supporting healthy development and learning
• The role of attachment in supporting healthy development and learning
• The impact of historical and/or contemporary views of children, development, and learning on early childhood education
• The nature of childhood
• The role of family engagement in fostering healthy development and learning through early childhood education
• Cultural responsiveness, bias, and stereotyping as they effect identity development in young children

Note: If you are interested in selecting an additional topic, please contact your Instructor for approval.

For your Assignment, develop the following:

• The subject and the title of your conference subtopic
• An overview of the keynote speaker you have selected for your conference subtopic session. Your keynote speaker should be an individual who has significantly contributed to the theoretical understanding of your topic or the current evidence base. Include in your overview of this individual:

o The person's name

o A brief rationale for selecting this individual, including an outline of six key presentation points of his/her presentation. For example, if your keynote speaker is presenting on attachment, include an overview of key points that will be covered.

• A panel of at least three historical figures who will present on your selected subtopic, and a rationale detailing how the individuals you selected have contributed to the understanding of your selected topic

• Four 1- to 2-page conference handouts designed to provide participants with a research-based overview of your conference subtopic. Your conference handouts should include brief summaries of the following:

o A historical perspective of your subtopic
o A summary of current research on your subtopic
o An overview of evidence-based practices or applications for families or practitioners related to your subtopic
o An annotated list of additional resources for conference participants on your subtopic

Note: Each of your handouts should include at least three scholarly references from current peer-reviewed articles.

In one Word document, be sure to include your description of your keynote speaker, panel, and four 1- to 2-page conference handouts.

Reference no: EM131213926

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