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Assignment #1: Privacy and Technology Challenge: To what extent can we describe privacy as an ethical imperative? Think of the Smyth v. Pillsbury Co. (Court Case) scenario. Who are the most affected stakeholders? Under the utilitarian approach to ethics, was intercepting the email the right thing to do? Now consider the case from the deontological perspective. Again, was Pillsbury's action ethical? Reference all six ethical theories in your response, and evaluate their efficacy in your response. (4-5 Pages)

Be sure to use MBA graduate-level writing style and include references in MLA format.

In 1986, responding to the Pierce decision of its Supreme Court, the New Jersey legislature adopted The Conscientious Employee Protection Act ("CEPA"), shielding from retaliation employees who object to, or refuse to participate in, "any activity, policy or practice which the employee reasonably believes to be incompatible with a clear mandate of public policy concerning the public health, safety or welfare." What would have been the likely outcome had Dr. Pierce sued under this [CEPA] law? Does the element of this CEPA law requiring that "the employee reasonably believes" state a subjective standard or an objective standard? Explain. Does this element make it easier for an employee to blow the whistle? What ethical theory(ies) would support an employee's decision to blow the whistle? 4-5 Pages The case is this question is Pierce vs Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation

Be sure to use MBA graduate-level writing style and include references in MLA format.

Reference no: EM131213922


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