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Cultures in Crisis - Proposal Argument for Change

For this assignment, your task is to craft a well-written, thoughtfully organized, carefully researched and properly MLA formatted 6-8 page Proposal Argument essay. You should thoroughly explore chapter 13 of the Faigley text for more information about essays that make an argument for change.

Requirements at a Glance

• 6-8 pages
• 6 (minimum) cited sources, 2 from the Global Issues text, 3 from the databases listed in the Cultures in Crisis Library Research Worksheet, and 1 of your choice
• Works cited page (see chapter 24 of the Faigley text)
• MLA formatting (see pages 626-633 of the Faigley text)*

*Please note that a failure to properly format your paper according to MLA guidelines will result in an automatic 10% deduction in your final grade. Please refer to pages 626-633 of the Faigley text to see a sample MLA formatted paper. All properly formatted papers will include:

• A heading including your name, my name, the course and the date
• A running header including your last name and the page number
• Double spacing throughout the entire document, including the works cited page
• A title centered just above the text of the paper (do not use underlining, quotation marks, bold or fancy fonts)
• 10-12 point Times New Roman font
• 1" margins
• Indented paragraphs (use the tab key)
• Properly formatted citations
• Properly formatted works cited page (there are multiple resources listed below that will help you to be sure that you are properly formatting your citations and works cited entries.

The Topic

Finish reading the articles in the chapter you've selected from the Global Issues, Local Arguments text. Then, identify and analyze a current political, cultural or environmental crisis that stems from your understanding of your chapter. As you explore the issue, focus your attention on the human beings involved. Be sure to identify the problem, address the possible causes and propose a viable potential solution. You must use your research to prove that the problem is real and that your solution is a good option. Note that this essay is called an "argument for change." Thus, you must do far more than simply outline the scope of the problem. Your essay must present a thoroughly researched, well developed, viable solution to the problem. Be sure that your discussion of the solution is just as thoroughly researched as your discussion of the problem.

While you certainly have plenty of room to use the powers of creativity and critical thinking, an effectively written paper will most likely address the following:

• Define/explain the issue and provide examples when necessary
• Explore and analyze the root of the problem
• Explore and describe a potential solution(s) to the problem
• Provide evidence that this solution is a logical, viable option (this may mean that you must analyze the pros and cons of other potential solutions).

Reference no: EM131033773


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