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Your company is an Australian company looking to expand its market by introducing a new product. As the part of the Marketing "Elite" Team, you have been assigned as the Project Manager for this task.

The Task

You are required to do a Data Collection Plan for a particular purpose for an organization of your choice. A data collection plan outlines the quantity and types of data to be collected and when and how it should be collected. Specifically the plan you are preparing must include:

• Background of organization - its marketplace, target audience
• Objectives of Data Collection
• Types of Required data
• Secondary Data - marketplace, competitive and performance data
• Primary Data - quantitative and qualitative research
• Data gathering process -timeframe, budget, roles
• Data management and analysis
• Data Findings

You may select a product or service as well as the target and segment market of your choice.

This Plan must succinctly and clearly sets out the problem and then proposes a research approach/ methodology. The problem should be focused and not too broad, feasible for a single project. You are needed to do the appropriate research and apply the knowledge gained in these units when preparing this Plan.

Reference no: EM131926

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