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Critically Analyse a designed object of your choice (product, package, consumable, interior, public art, building, object) which espouses to be ‘sustainable' in its design. Employing appropriate sustainable design principles and assessment tools discuss both the successful and less successful attributes of the design and where appropriate propose methods of engaging in a redesign of the object.

In analysing the object you may wish to consider it employing one or more of the following tools:

• a Life Cycle Assessment of the object (using SimaPro, or other appropriate LCA tool) which compares it to a comparable ‘base-line' object. Eg: strawbale wall vs brick veneer wall, or table made from timber vs table made from plastic.

• a reflection upon the impact of the policies or rating schemes applicable to the object, the influence this has had (or should have had) on the design object

• a discussion of the principles applicable to the design, or an analysis using an assessment tool other than LCA.

The illustrated essay will discuss the analysis undertaken within the context of Sustainable Design principles, policies and tools. In doing so it will demonstrate a substantial degree of independent research, and locate the analysis within contemporary sustainable design discourse. It is intended for this final submission to be sufficiently flexible to be tailored to individual student's interests. As such final requirements for this submission will be further clarified in discussion with students throughout the study period.

Assessment criteria:

• Demonstrated understanding of the course material
• Application/ Integration of course material to the specific design / analysis.
• Successful communication / presentation.
• Evidence of independent research
• appropriate referencing.

Essays should have a developed point of view and argument, be well structured, demonstrate familiarity with the subject and its literature and be neatly presented with appropriate, relevant illustrations. This assessment requires you to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the course content whilst also demonstrating basic research skills. This will include a bibliography of at least 15 items, with the majority of these from academic sources. The submissions must be appropriately referenced, including all illustrations. Students are strongly encouraged to access resources available via the Sustainable Design Program Learn-online site, including 'Notes on How to write an essay' and 'referencing using the note system' before attempting this assignment. The Sustainable Design Program Learn-on-line site can be accessed using the access key 'sustainabledesign'. It is a discipline to keep to word limit. It is anticipated that this may be a challenge, yet observation of the word limit will be a component of assessment.

Reference no: EM134652


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