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Disadvantages of syndicate method

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Functional resume, Functional Resume The second-most-common type o...

Functional Resume The second-most-common type of resume is Functional Resume. Skills based resumes identify exact skill sets that the candidate has knowledge of. Functiona

Define how to improving intercultural communication skills?, Define How to ...

Define How to Improving Intercultural Communication Skills? 1. Study other culture Research can help you grasp the basics of other culture Mistakes w

Social significance, Social significance: proper management of personnel's ...

Social significance: proper management of personnel's improve their dignity by satisfying their social needs. This it done by: 1. Maintaining a balance between the jobs availabl

Represents a system approach, Q. Represents a system approach? It repre...

Q. Represents a system approach? It represents a system approach to the personnel in which the emphasis is one of the interrelationships among various personnel policies and pr

Structured and indirect interview, Structured and Indirect Interview: ...

Structured and Indirect Interview: The structured and indirect interview has become a techniques of unbiased research because the biases of the interviewer and to the interpr

Explain how training and development can be carried out, Question: In t...

Question: In time of crisis, many organisations cut down their costs in order to stay in business. One of the costs that some organisations will cut first is their training an

Orders and accounts, Orders and Accounts : This is a topic that we menti...

Orders and Accounts : This is a topic that we mentioned before. As far as a record is concerned, this will only apply if you handle orders. If you file orders, it can save time

Workflow, define workflow in detail?

define workflow in detail?

What is workplace deviance, Question : "Everyday in every organisation,...

Question : "Everyday in every organisation, harmful acts occur. Not surprisingly, the costs associated with dysfunctional workplace behaviour are staggering. It is apparent tha

Explain evil consequences of industrialization, Q. Explain Evil consequence...

Q. Explain Evil consequences of industrialization? Human resource development is needed to migrate some of the Evil consequences of industrialization: it is common knowledge th

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