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what are diff ways to express conc. of solution

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Quantum number specifiying location of an electron, The quantum number whic...

The quantum number which specifies the location of an electron as well as energy is : (1) Principal quantum number (2) Azimuthal quantum number (3) Spin quantum number

How will you synthasize benzylamide from aniline? , 1)Aniline is more basic...

1)Aniline is more basic because of the strong electron withdrawing effect of the carbonyl oxygen on the amide of acetanilide. 2)Aniline is more basic because of  the strong electro

Longest chain rule - iupac system of nomenclature, Longest chain Rule - IUP...

Longest chain Rule - IUPAC system of nomenclature The primary step in naming an organic compound is to choose the longest continuous chain of carbon atoms that may or may not

Dichromate titrations - oxidation reduction titrations, Dichromate titratio...

Dichromate titrations - oxidation reduction titrations These are titrations where, potassium dichromate is utilized as an oxidising agent in acidic medium. The medium is organi

NMR spectroscopy, plz explain the magnetic anisotropic effect in acetylene ...

plz explain the magnetic anisotropic effect in acetylene and ethylene?

Phenol, why phenol is acidic

why phenol is acidic

Iupac system of nomenclature of complex compounds, IUPAC system of nomencla...

IUPAC system of nomenclature of complex compounds The naming of any organic compound relies on the name of normal parent hydrocarbon from that it has been derived. IUPAC system

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