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Process of the job analysis: jobs can be analyzed through a process, which consists of the six basic steps. These steps consist of collection of background information, selection of job to be analyzed. Collection of the job analysis data, developing a job description, job specification and employee selection.

1. Collection of the background information: background information consists of organization charts, class specifications and existing job descriptions. Organizations charts show the relation of the job with the other jobs in the overall organizations. Class specifications describe the general requirements of the class of the job to which this particular job benefits. The existing job description provides a good starting point for the job analysis.

2. Selection of representative position to be analyzed: it would be too difficult and too time consuming to analyze all the jobs. So the job analyst has to select some of the representative positions in order to analyze them.

3. Collection of the job analysis data: this step involves actually analyzing a job by collecting data on features of the job, required employee behaviour and human requirements.

4. Developing a job analysis data: this step involving describing the contents or the job in the terms of functions, duties, operations etc. the incumbent of the job is expected to discharge the duties and responsibilities and perform the functions and operations listed in the job description.

5. Developing a job specification: this step involves conversion of the job description statements into a job specification. Job specification o job requirements describe the personal qualities, traits, skills, knowledge and background necessary for getting the job done.

6. Developing employee specification: this final step involves conversion of the specifications of human qualities under job specification into an employee specification. Employee specification describes physical qualification, educational qualifications, experience etc. which specify that the candidate with these qualities possesses the minimum human qualities listed in the job specification.

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