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Read the following carefully and answer all the questions that follow

Mr. John Blunket has been working for nearly a year in the Accounts Department of a large pharmaceutical company based in Riverland dealing with the manufacturing and selling of drugs in large scale. Mr. Blunket graduated in his field from Riverland University the previous year and is found to be sincere and hard working. Mrs. Jane Trapnell is the section head and the immediate supervisor of Mr. Blunket.

The HR Department of the company requested Mrs. Trapnell to evaluate the performance of employees in her section and to find out the contribution of each employee towards the achievement of the company goals and also to monitor carefully whether they are meeting the performance standards.

On completion of the performance appraisal recently, Mrs. Trapnell found that all other employees in her section are up to the standard except Mr. Blunket. Along with numerous errors, his work is characterized by low performance as he does 15% less than his other colleagues in the section. While examining Mr. Blunket's performance details, Mrs. Trapnell begins to wonder whether some sort of training could help employees like Mr. Blunket to improve their performance

(a) As Mr Blunket's section head, can you find out whether his poor performance is due to poor training or to some other reasons?

(b) If you find out that Mr. Blunket is inadequately trained, how would you go about introducing remedial training for such employees?

(c) Do you feel that Mr Blunket needs to be supervised more closely? Explain why this may or may not work.

(d) Should you discuss the situation with the employee concerned? Give reasons for your answer.

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