Organizing an event is extremely challenging task, Other Management

Question 1

The event manager plays a pivotal role in event management company. Discuss his role and explain the important steps he has to take to ensure a successful event

Question 2

In India, cultural tourism has witnessed tremendous growth. Explain the meaning of cultural tourism. What are the factors affecting cultural tourism?

Question 3

An event programme portfolio is important for strategic purposes. What are the goals of programme portfolio of an event and what tourism trends are important for this?

Question 4

Organizing an event is extremely challenging task. Discuss the important aspects of organizing an event in brief.

Question 5

Sometimes it becomes difficult for important people to attend a conference. Such people may connect through teleconferencing. Explain the types of teleconferencing. Which are the latest technologies used for this?

Question 6

What do you mean by sports tourism? What is the effect of events like IPL on Indian economy?

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