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MEMORANDA : Memoranda (though some prefer "memorandums" and others refer to "memos") are commonly used for written communications within a workplace, within departments, etc. They are much like letters in general layout and content but differ in certain specific details. They all have similar headings which are illustrated in Figure.


Figure: Memo Headings.

Memos dispense with the need for giving instructions, salutations, greetings and a complimentary close. A signature is not necessary in a memo, although it may be initialled. While it is not true that memos are always brief, they are essentially an aid to quick and direct internal communications. They should therefore, be written in clear, concise English, and in continuous prose rather than in note form. It is a good idea to number or letter each topic for clarity.

Try also to plan the contents of your memo so that they follow some sort of logical sequence, instead of presenting statements as they occur to you. You should not forget the usual words of courtesy and politeness, too. These belong as much in a memo as in conversation or letters.

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